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Reply to Proposal No. 171156 of the Fifth Session of the Seventeenth National People's Congress of Guandu District
Updated:2022-08-04 11:48
Source:Education Bureau of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province
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Yang Weirong representative:

the "Proposal for Establishing Regular Kindergartens" No. 171156, which you put forward during the first session of the 17th National People's Congress in Guandu District, was handed over to our bureau in May 2022. The reply to the handling is as follows:

1. your main information and suggestions

the Tuer Community has a resident population of 3328, a migrant population of 1500, and about 170 preschool children. They are studying in private kindergartens in the community area. On January 8, 2022, the Guandu District Education Bureau issued a document banning unlicensed kindergartens. There are no formal kindergartens around the community. The hardware facilities of the original private kindergartens are not up to standard, but the upgrading and transformation can meet the teaching needs. It is now suggested that the Education Bureau should upgrade and reform the original kindergarten and go through the relevant procedures, so that children can study in the original kindergarten without running around to study in other places, so as to provide a good educational environment for children.

2. the basic situation handled by our bureau

after receiving the proposal of No. 171156 of the First Session of the 17th National People's Congress of Guandu District, "Establishing Regular Kindergartens", the main person in charge of our bureau deployed many investigations to learn more about the nursery situation in Baihanchang Community and Rabbit Ear Community. Currently, Baihanchang Community and Rabbit Ear Community have 3 kindergartens (Rabbit Ear Kindergarten, Baihanchang Kindergarten and Esbe Kindergarten), all of which are unlicensed kindergartens, and the original school addresses are rented houses to run kindergartens, the conditions for running the park are not up to standard, the scale is small, the management is poor, and there are potential safety hazards in school building safety, fire safety, etc., taking into account the actual situation of teachers, school environment, distance to school, current planning and special management requirements for unlicensed kindergartens, etc., Give the retention of Aisbei Kindergarten, merge the Tuer Kindergarten and Baihanchang Kindergarten and divert it to Aisbei Kindergarten to run the school, and require the kindergarten to actively apply for a school permit after rectification and compliance, the nature of running a school is a private kindergarten. The main person in charge of our bureau has repeatedly inspected the new site of the park to be declared by Esby Kindergarten, and has a detailed understanding of the school building safety, fire safety and other conditions of the park. At the same time, the joint airport fire brigade and the airport housing and construction bureau have made a total of three on-site surveys of the new site of the park to be declared by Esby Kindergarten, conducted on-site fire and housing safety surveys, and guided the park to conscientiously perform its fire safety duties in combination with the actual situation, establish and improve various fire safety systems and fire-fighting emergency evacuation plans, strengthen the safety management of the park site, and contact the Baihanchang community and the linked contact department to coordinate the use of the new site related matters, requiring the park to rectify within a time limit and actively apply for the park Permit related matters.

3.'s Opinions on Handling of Suggestions

at present, Aisbe Kindergarten is decorating the new park site. After the park is rectified and meets the requirements, our bureau will actively cooperate with Guandu District Education and Sports Bureau to coordinate and handle matters related to the park license.

Thank you for your understanding and support of our bureau's work.

Education Bureau of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province

july 30, 2022

contact: Li Ting Tel: 18388554920

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