Grasp the rectification and promote the implementation to complete the rectification task on time and with good quality.
Updated:2022-08-10 16:34
Source:Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone Safety Production Supervision Administration
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Grasping Rectification and Promoting Implementation to Complete Rectification Tasks on Time and with Quality

On the 10 of 8 2022, Zhao Liang, deputy director of the Airport Management Committee, organized a special meeting on the rectification of feedback from the eighth inspection team of the Airport Economic Zone Safety Inspection. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Zhang Kun Hong of the Airport Safety Supervision Bureau, airport Party and Mass Work Department, Personnel Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, Political and Legal Committee, Work Safety Supervision Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Education Bureau, Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, Water Affairs Bureau, Health and Family Planning Bureau, Sports and Tourism Bureau, The main persons in charge of the market supervision branch, the fire rescue brigade, the ninth traffic police brigade, the Dabanqiao police station, and the small sentry police station attended the meeting.

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meeting, the Airport Safety Supervision Bureau reported the rectification of the feedback problems from the Eighth Inspection Team of Kunming. Each participating unit reported the rectification of the feedback problems from the Eighth Inspection Team of Safety Production Inspection in 2022. Zhao Liang, deputy director of the Airport Management Committee, put forward work requirements.


meeting pointed out that this supervision work is not only a big test of our work, but also a big promotion of our work. All departments should rectify the feedback according to their functional responsibilities, and submit the rectification situation to the airport safety Committee office on time. Deputy Director Zhao Liang proposed that, first, it is necessary to further correct its position, further implement the main responsibility of production safety, and various departments cooperate with each other to carry out production safety inspections in various industries. During the inspection process, there will be no drama, no show, and no empty slogans. Ensure that the safety production inspection work achieves practical results. Second, we should always tighten the string of safety production, keep the alarm bell ringing, and we should not relax for a moment. We should conscientiously and meticulously do a good job in the supervision and rectification of production safety with a scientific and rigorous attitude. We must not be perfunctory, muddle along, and simply deal with it. Third, we must strictly follow the overall requirements of the national, provincial, and municipal work safety work, effectively enhance the sense of political responsibility and social mission, truly unify thoughts and actions into the arrangements and deployments of the municipal party committee and municipal government, and gather strength to do a good job in work safety. The goal is to come up, and work together to promote the continuous stability and improvement of the safety production situation in the region.

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