The first phase of the training course on improving the professional ability of leading cadres in Kunming Airport Economic Zone of Yunnan Province was successfully concluded.
Updated:2022-08-03 15:15
Source:Party and Mass Work Department of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province
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from July 23 to 29, 2022, in combination with the big discussion and competition of "being a good vanguard", the training course for improving the professional ability of leading cadres in Kunming Airport Economic Zone of Yunnan Province was held in Xiamen University. Forty-one people including relevant leaders of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of the Airport Economic Zone, all section-level leading cadres, heads of state-owned enterprises directly under the control, Dabanqiao Police Station, Xiaoshao Police Station, and relevant leading cadres of the Ninth Traffic Police Brigade participated in the training course.

at the opening ceremony of the, Long Jianyi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Information of Xiamen University, and Yao Baokun, director of the Party and Mass Work Department of the Airport Economic Zone, respectively made mobilization speeches. I hope that all students will cherish the learning opportunities, correct their learning attitude, study with peace of mind, meditation, and heart, with an empty attitude, with the purpose of applying what they have learned, absorb theoretical nutrition, strengthen their own skills, vigorously promote the revolution of style, strengthen the construction of efficiency, and effectively promote the innovation and development of the airport economic zone.

This training course is conducted by on-site classroom teaching. In the classroom teaching, six professors Yao Junfeng, Lin Fengyuan, Xiong Yingzi, Wang Weishan, Fan Shigao and Chen Min were invited to focus on "innovation of enterprise business model in the era of digital economy", "how to attract investment under the new normal" and "deepen the reform of management and service, optimizing the business environment-interpretation of business environment assessment", "exploration and practice of urban planning management based on a blueprint", "development of airport economic zone and airport industry planning", "improvement of executive power of cadres in the new era" six aspects are taught to students, including special lectures and structured seminars; case teaching and on-site sharing; business learning and party spirit education. In the on-site teaching, the trainees visited Xiamen Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, Xiamen International Shipping Science and Technology Innovation Center, the core area of the new city around the East Sea-Yincheng Zhigu, and the Xiamen Special Economic Zone Memorial Hall to experience Xiamen's business environment and development process.

at the summary meeting, Zhao Liang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the Airport Economic Zone, issued a certificate of completion to the trainees. Zhao Liang expressed the hope that all students will fully understand the importance of holding special training courses on airport economic development and industrial cultivation, accurately grasp the focus of promoting industrial cultivation and improving the quality and efficiency of the park, and adhere to the combination of learning and application to ensure that theoretical study achieves tangible results.

all the trainees in the said that the trip to Xiamen was full of rewards. What they saw and heard in the five days gave everyone a new understanding and ideas on investment promotion, optimization of the business environment, and air-facing economic development. We must unswervingly grasp innovation, change methods, and adjust structure, and we must vigorously promote the profound connotation of quality change, efficiency change, and power change. In the future work, we will further enhance political quality and responsibility, continue to deepen the reform of "decentralization, management and service", optimize the business environment, focus on improving the ability and level of government services, and welcome the victory of the 20 percent of the party with excellent results.

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