Strong Care See True Feelings Airport Economic Zone Launches August 1st Sympathy
Updated:2022-08-01 16:16
Source:Party and Mass Work Department of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province
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from July 25 to 29, in order to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army and inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to their families, entrusted by Chen Han, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Airport Economic Zone, and Wei Gan, Director of the Management Committee, the leaders of the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the Airport Economic Zone and the heads of relevant departments went to 10 troops stationed in the area and fire rescue teams in the area to visit and express their greetings and blessings to them. At the same time, with the theme of "blood casting the soul of the army, loyalty and protection of the core", the management committee organized the transferred soldiers to the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall History Museum to carry out thematic education activities to express condolences to the transferred soldiers.

when the expressed condolences to the troops, Jin Xiong, deputy director of the Airport Economic Zone Management Committee, Li Wenlong, secretary of the Disciplinary Work Committee, and Zhang Jietao, deputy director, respectively led the team to condolences to the troops stationed in the area and the fire rescue team, talked with the person in charge of the troops stationed in the area, and took the initiative to understand the troops stationed in the area. Work and life conditions, understand the problems and difficulties that need to be solved by the Airport Management Committee, listen to the voices of the officers and soldiers, and send them the care and blessings of the Airport. When expressing condolences to the fire rescue team, the condolences team visited the dormitories and material storage warehouses of the officers and soldiers of the fire rescue team, and sent sincere blessings to all the cadres and employees who were struggling on the front line of fire rescue, and expressed their contribution to the economic and social stability of the Airport Economic Zone. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for my contribution to development.

at the Yunnan Army Lecture Hall History Museum, the Airport Economic Zone organized the demobilized soldiers to carry out theme education activities and visited the two theme exhibition halls of "Centennial Military Academy" and "The Cradle of Generals. In the exhibition hall, historical photos, military equipment, badges, commemorative coins, paper cultural relics, daily necessities and other historical relics are displayed, so that everyone can once again review the glorious achievements and patriotic feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Yunnan who are unwilling to be humiliated and oppressed, and devote themselves to the revolutionary torrent. The re-transferred soldiers of the airport economic zone have said that one day as a soldier, one life as a soldier, will never forget the status of a soldier, work hard and forge ahead in their respective posts, and contribute to the development and construction of the airport economic zone.

in the next step, the Dabanqiao Street People's Armed Forces Department will continue to do a good job in various service guarantees, further strengthen military-civilian relations, strengthen military-political military-civilian unity, and achieve national defense construction, local economy, and airport social stability and harmonious development, and greet the party with outstanding results. The 20th National Congress was successfully held.

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