Carry out centralized interviews to build a strong security line
Updated:2022-07-29 15:38
Source:Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone Safety Production Supervision Administration
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Carry out centralized interviews to build a strong security line

In order to further consolidate the main responsibility of the enterprise, strengthen the rectification and implementation of hidden dangers in production safety, put an end to the occurrence of production safety accidents, and ensure the continuous stability of the production safety situation in the whole region, on 28, 7 2020, the Airport Safety Committee Office took the lead in organizing the Airport Comprehensive Office, the Supervision Office, the National People's Congress Working Committee, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Economic Development Bureau, the Housing and Construction Bureau, the Health and Planning Bureau, the Market Supervision Branch, the Fire Rescue Brigade, the Federation of Trade Unions, the Dabanqiao Police Station, Changshui Community, and Xichong Community held an interview meeting on the rectification of enterprises with prominent hidden dangers in production safety in the jurisdiction, and conducted warning interviews with enterprises with prominent hidden dangers in production safety in the 52 of the jurisdiction.

the meeting informed the recent work safety supervision bureau and multi-department organization expert group on Changshui community, Xichong community enterprises carried out safety production hidden danger investigation and recent inspection, investigation and rectification work existing outstanding problems, the relevant industry authorities on the enterprise hidden danger rectification work requirements.

The meeting emphasized that all enterprises should fully understand the severity of current safety production, strictly implement safety management responsibilities, and pay close attention to the rectification of hidden dangers; to calculate economic accounts, safety accounts, and daily safety management; The management of special equipment must achieve "three certificates" and "three implementations", that is, there are use registration certificates, operator operation certificates, and safety management personnel certificates, implement management agencies, rules and regulations, and responsible personnel; strictly follow the fire protection level of the plant, rationally configure fire protection facilities, and do a good job in daily maintenance and management.

The meeting requested that all industry authorities, communities, and enterprises should make real efforts and practical efforts to ensure that the rectification of potential safety hazards must be truly reformed. One is to firmly establish the concept of safe development and keep the red line of safe production. We should pay close attention to the work of safety in production, so as to be responsible for keeping the soil, responsible for keeping the soil, and responsible for keeping the soil. The second is to improve ideological understanding and ensure safe production. Be truly alert, alert, and pay attention to it, know the law and abide by the law, face problems directly, dare to show the sword, conduct in-depth investigations, and resolutely rectify various hidden dangers. The third is to strengthen the sense of responsibility, implement the responsibility for production safety, and ensure that the "15 hard measures" are effective.. All departments should adhere to the principle of "three management and three necessities" and strictly implement their supervision responsibilities. All communities should strictly implement their territorial management responsibilities and make clear the situation of enterprises. All enterprises should keep the bottom line of production safety, treat accidents as lessons, treat hidden dangers as accidents, pay close attention to the rectification of hidden dangers, and promote the responsibility of production safety without "blind spots" and "dead ends".

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