Popularize the safe production method and build a safe production line.
Updated:2022-07-29 14:57
Source:Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone Safety Production Supervision Administration
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Popularize safe production methods and build safe production lines

in order to conscientiously implement the newly revised "production Safety Law" and its relevant laws and regulations, the

has continuously strengthened the legal awareness and main responsibility awareness of production safety of production and business units in the whole region, consolidated the training results of safety production laws and regulations in the whole region in 2021, ensured that there were no dead ends in safety training, and continuously promoted the stability and improvement of the safety production situation in the airport economic zone. According to the work arrangement, on July 28, the Airport Safety Committee Office organized the heads of 52 newly settled enterprises and persons in charge of safety in the Airport Industrial Park to carry out a special training meeting on the "Safety Production Law. This training focuses on the laws and regulations related to the safety production in the newly revised "Safety Production Law", "Criminal Law Amendment (11)" and the "15 Hard Measures" for safety production, especially the division and implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, Legal responsibilities, safety production crimes and other legal provisions are interpreted, through intuitive comparison of the new and old laws, watching the warning education film of typical accident cases, step by step, it has sounded the alarm for the safety production management of the participating units, helped the enterprises to further clarify their responsibilities, sort out the focus of work, and coordinate the "dilemma" of efficiency and safety. It has a huge role in promoting the compaction of the "first responsible person" of enterprise safety production.

Through this training, the

has further enhanced the legal awareness and responsibility awareness of production safety of all participating units, and at the same time expanded the newly amended "Safety Production Law", "Criminal Law Amendment 11" and "Fifteen Hard Measures" for production safety. The influence and penetration of "measures" are of great significance to the popularization of safety production laws in our jurisdiction and the overall planning of safety production supervision and inspection. In the next step, the Airport Safety Committee Office will also organize more new immigrants and regulated enterprises to carry out special training in an orderly manner in combination with the needs of work development and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, so as to make the safety training work in depth and in detail, explore new forms, climb new heights, and wholeheartedly escort the safety production in the jurisdiction area and build a solid line of defense for the safety production in the whole region.

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