Airport Finance Bureau Held Briefing on the Theme Training of "Building High Quality and Efficient Team to Achieve Win-win Cooperation between Bank and Enterprise"
Updated:2022-07-29 14:02
Source:Finance Bureau of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province
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in order to speed up the promotion of the annual financing target, keep abreast of the latest policies related to financing, and refine the understanding of the credit policies of policy banks and joint-stock banks, according to the relevant work arrangements of the Airport Management Committee, the Finance Office of the Airport Finance Bureau took the lead in June to hold four financial trainings on the theme of "building a high-quality and efficient team to achieve win-win cooperation between banks and enterprises.

On June 9, Mr. Xiao Hongbo, a partner of the same accounting firm, was invited to interpret the latest policy of the government's special debt and explain the practical operation, which is conducive to better mastering the policy, familiarizing with the process and improving the success rate of the special debt declaration.

On June 16, Yang Jiyuan, a teacher from the Agricultural Development Bank of China, was invited to share the credit policies and successful cases, refine the understanding of the credit policies of policy banks, and further broaden the financing operation ideas of various departments and state-owned supervision enterprises, so as to improve the overall business level of the team.

on June 23, Comrade Zhang Zhujie, deputy director of the 7th Customer Division of the Yunnan Branch of the China Development Bank, was invited to publicize the financing model and key support of CDB, laying the foundation for future cooperation with CDB.

on July 5, Comrade Chen Xiang, a lecturer at the head office of China Merchants Bank and assistant to the general manager of the institutional department of Kunming Branch, was invited to interpret the latest policies and introduce relevant cases, providing new ideas for applying for loans related to joint-stock banks.

after the training of accounting firms, policy banks and joint-stock banks, the financing channels and ideas have been broadened, and the understanding of the policies of various financial institutions has been deepened. After the training, everyone has written learning experience, which not only consolidates the learning achievements, but also leads to a more comprehensive and three-dimensional thinking on financing.

After the training, the Finance Office requested that, first, according to the courseware in-depth study policy, write learning experience; second, strictly in accordance with the time node, pay close attention to the implementation, efforts to dig out the project, and strive to make a breakthrough in this year's government special bond project. The Airport Finance Bureau will continue to strengthen communication and docking with relevant professional institutions, better grasp the policy, familiar with the process, and improve the success rate of special debt declaration.

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