Capture "Assassins" to Protect "Price" and Escort Airport Market Supervision Bureau to Further Promote the Work of Clearly Marking Ice Cream
Updated:2022-07-19 16:30
Source:Kunming Market Supervision Administration Airport Economic Zone Branch
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Since the beginning of summer, there have been continuous discussions about "ice cream assassins" and ice cream sales markets in various places, and public opinion has increased. "There is neither a price tag nor a price tag in the freezer, and it is only when I check out that the price is too high that people feel distressed." Recently, Kunming has started the summer high temperature mode, and ice cream has become a popular summer heat relief product. In view of the phenomenon that some sales units have not marked the price of ice cream, the price of ice cream is not clearly marked, and the mixing of high and low price ice cream may damage the rights and interests of consumers, the Airport Market Supervision Bureau has carried out special price inspections on the ice cream sold by relevant business units in the jurisdiction to rectify the price order of the ice cream market.

First, the focus of this special inspection is clear, mainly aimed at supermarkets, retail stores, wholesale stores and other market entities, with high-priced "online red ice cream" such as "Zhong Xuegao" as the focus of the inspection. Second, it is comprehensive and meticulous. Law enforcement officers check whether the operators have fulfilled the obligation of purchase inspection and the implementation of asking for certificates and tickets. Whether there are expired, deteriorated or broken products; Whether the product packaging label is complete; Whether the storage conditions of the products meet the requirements; Whether the freezer is defrosted regularly; Whether there are behaviors such as unmarked price and incorrect goods; Whether there are any illegal behaviors such as misleading consumers through fictitious original price and false discount for detailed inspection. Third, the requirements are strict, and the requirements for frozen food storage and the newly issued "clearly marked price and prohibition of price fraud" are publicized to the operators on the spot, and operators are urged to strictly implement the relevant requirements. Up to now, the Airport Market Supervision Branch has dispatched a total of 18 law enforcement officers to investigate a total of 32 places of various types. No price hikes or price fraud have been found yet.

In the next step, the Airport Market Supervision Branch will continue to strengthen the work of clearly marking prices, increase spot checks, rectify and investigate price violations in the sales of ice cream in accordance with the law, further standardize the market price order, enhance operators' awareness of law-abiding and honest operation, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, extensive publicity and mobilization of the general public to assist the market department to strengthen supervision, if it is found that there is no clearly marked price or there is price fraud, try to keep good evidence, and make complaints and reports through 12315 and 12345 platforms.

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