Airport Economic Zone's First "Individual Transfer Enterprise" Business License Issued Individual Industrial and Commercial Households "Pupated into Butterflies"
Updated:2022-07-19 16:28
Source:Kunming Market Supervision Administration Airport Economic Zone Branch
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On July 15, Feng Guangfa, director of the Airport Market Supervision Branch, issued Mr. Wang the first "individual transfer enterprise" business license for the Airport Economic Zone.

on May 10, 2011, Mr. Wang registered and established the nursery stock planting and operation department, which is mainly engaged in tree and flower planting and technical service promotion. After more than 10 years of development, the scale of production and operation has been continuously expanded. As an individual industrial and commercial household, the number of employees is limited and unable to participate in some project bidding has become increasingly obvious. In order to expand business, enhance market competitiveness, and expand the space for survival and development, Mr. Wang chose "individual enterprises", he said excitedly: "I have now officially changed from a self-employed" small boss "to a company" business owner ". The business is getting bigger and stronger." From individual industrial and commercial households to enterprises, the transformation is not only the identity, but also the transformation, upgrading, growth and growth of market entities. It also marks the optimization of the regional business environment and the development and progress of the economy and society.

Since the launch of the action of optimizing the business environment to promote the multiplication of market entities and the "individual transformation of enterprises", the Airport Market Supervision Sub-bureau has first carried out key cultivation, coordinated by supervision departments and business departments, and intensified publicity efforts to find out the bottom number of individual industrial and commercial households and the wishes of operators. It has taken targeted measures by industry and field to carry out key cultivation and provide full-process guidance and tracking services, fully support the transformation and upgrading of individual industrial and commercial households with a certain scale into enterprises; the second is to improve the convenience, set up "green channels" such as "individual transfer enterprise" business consultation, guidance and handling, open the "fast lane" of examination and approval, implement the integrated mechanism of license examination and approval, and simplify the handling of examination and approval materials; the third is to strengthen the follow-up service, and to link with various industry departments with the concept of "helping the horse" and "giving a ride, implement support policies, provide one-stop, nanny-style services for" individual-to-enterprise "objects, solve the worries of enterprises, and constantly summarize the work experience of" individual-to-enterprise ", explore advanced models, and further improve the enthusiasm of operators for transformation.

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