Continue to promote the special rectification of fire safety in warehousing and logistics sites
Updated:2022-07-19 15:10
Source:Kunming Airport Economic Zone Fire Rescue Brigade, Yunnan Province
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In order to deeply learn the lessons of the warehouse logistics site fire accident, and further strengthen the logistics warehouse fire safety risk prevention and control, the airport economic fire rescue brigade, based on the preliminary comprehensive investigation, combined with the actual situation of the jurisdiction, took the initiative to rectify the warehouse logistics site safety outstanding problems.

departments linkage, layer by layer compaction responsibility. In line with the principle of "not missing a unit, not missing a hidden danger", the brigade takes the three-year special action of fire safety as the main line, and cooperates with the district safety supervision bureau, housing construction bureau, market supervision branch, police station and other functional departments to carry out joint inspection. The brigade conducted in-depth research and judgment on the fire safety situation of warehousing and logistics sites in the whole region through investigation and special discussions. Seriously analyze and judge, clarify the time, scope, division of labor, methods, tasks, standards, and rectification work requirements of the special rectification, hold a work meeting to promote the special rectification of fire safety in warehousing and logistics places, and at the same time incorporate the special rectification into the key content of the monthly inspection, and fully carry out The fire safety situation of warehousing and logistics places is analyzed and judged, the supervision responsibilities of the department are clarified, and targeted fire safety management measures are adopted to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of special.

Comprehensive investigation and strong rectification of hidden dangers. The inspectors of the brigade comprehensively combed the hidden dangers of fire safety in warehousing and logistics enterprises, vigorously promoted the dual prevention mechanism of hierarchical control of fire safety risks and hidden danger investigation and management of warehousing and logistics enterprises, and organized warehousing and logistics enterprises to implement rectification measures. During this period, the brigade hired a third-party fire protection technical service organization to carry out fire safety hazard investigation on warehousing and logistics enterprises in the 48, such as Yunnan Publishing Logistics, Yunnan Jitu Supply Chain Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Airport Logistics Co., Ltd. In view of the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team requires the relevant responsible persons to carry out immediate rectification and feedback the hidden danger rectification to the brigade within a time limit. For enterprises with many fire hazards and difficult rectification, technical service teams are specially sent to carry out door-to-door assistance, "tailor-made" rectification plans for them, and improve their own fire prevention capabilities.

Publicity and training of to enhance the of safety awareness. According to the characteristics of logistics storage places, the brigade sent more than 2000 fire safety short messages on WeChat, video numbers and other platforms, pasted more than 200 publicity posters and distributed 500 publicity materials. Carry out publicity and training while supervising and inspecting various warehousing, logistics and express delivery companies, adopt a point-to-point, face-to-face approach, carry out full-coverage publicity, provide comprehensive guidance to the unit, and promptly urge them to organize and carry out fire protection knowledge training, and comprehensively improve fire prevention and emergency response capabilities.

the next step, the brigade will actively dock with relevant departments to guide communities to carry out safety inspections and improve the ability and level of fire safety inspections. Through inspections, training and other methods, the responsible persons of warehousing and logistics places should be made to attach great importance to fire safety, in accordance with the "The People's Republic of China Fire Protection Law", "Yunnan Province Fire Safety Responsibility System Implementation Measures", "Yunnan Province Unit Fire Safety Management Regulations", "Yunnan Province Fire Safety Management Regulations on High-risk Units" and other relevant laws and regulations fulfill the main responsibility of fire safety, and promote the standardization and standardized management of fire safety in the industry, really achieve "safety self-examination, hidden dangers self-elimination, responsibility for oneself".

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