Kunming Airport Economic Zone of Yunnan Province Held Training Lecture on Comprehensive Ability of Propaganda Backbone
Updated:2022-07-18 10:30
Source:Party and Mass Work Department of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province
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On July 15,, the Airport Economic Zone held a seminar on the comprehensive ability of publicity backbones to train the staff responsible for publicity in various departments, enterprises directly under the control of various countries and communities. This training specially invites senior text and photographers of Kunming Daily to give lectures, aiming to further improve the overall news and publicity level of the airport economic zone and better spread the good voice of the airport.

in the first stage of training, invited the chief reporter of Kunming Daily, Mr. Yao Danping, to give a lecture. Mr. Yao combined many years of work experience from a professional point of view, from what is news, how to be a good "judge" and "commander" in news communication. "And" translator ", the common way to judge news, how to write a good press release and news writing skills were taught, combining theoretical knowledge with airport practice, the content is rich and detailed, and the language is easy to understand. In addition, Mr. Yao also said that in order to do a good job in publicity and reporting, it is necessary to comprehensively use foot power, eyesight, brain power and pen power to have a deep understanding of their own work, strengthen the understanding of the country's current affairs and politics, cultivate news sensitivity, and actively explore news materials. Think more and analyze from multiple angles to enhance the connotation and depth of news information.

the second stage of the course was taught by Mr. Du Wenlei, head of the video group of the New Media Promotion and Development Department of Kunming Daily. Teacher Du introduced the basic knowledge, shooting skills and basic specifications of short videos with a number of high-quality award-winning video works as examples, including dry content such as how to compose, how to shoot, and how to improve the shooting level. The operability allows the trainees to have a preliminary understanding of the methods and skills of short video shooting.

participants said one after another that they benefited a lot from listening to the lectures of the two teachers and learned a lot of dry goods. In the future work, they will give full play to the role of correspondents, capture news clues around them in a timely manner, actively explore the advanced figures and work highlights around them, and apply the learned knowledge and experience to daily publicity reports, use the pen and lens in your hand to record and publicize the highlights and innovations of the Airport Economic Zone in important work such as big discussions and competitions, social and economic development, community governance, and rural revitalization, and actively create a good publicity atmosphere and spread the good voice of the airport.

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