"Poisonous bacteria grow fast in rain, food safety should be prevented", the Airport Market Supervision Branch launched a publicity campaign on the theme of "Fasting Wild Fungi"
Updated:2022-07-15 14:53
Source:Kunming Market Supervision Administration Airport Economic Zone Branch
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In order to further protect the people's food safety and prevent the occurrence of edible wild mushroom poisoning. Recently, the Airport Market Supervision Branch has organized a number of measures to carry out a campaign to promote fasting wild mushrooms in its jurisdiction.

On July 15, the Airport Market Supervision Bureau took "driving the street" as an opportunity to carry out a publicity campaign of "poisonous bacteria grow fast in rain, food safety should be prevented" at the airport Yunrui market. Various forms of publicity activities such as centralized publicity and explanation, distribution of publicity materials, and posting of publicity banners have been widely carried out. One is to organize staff to carry out centralized publicity, explanation, distribution and posting of publicity materials in the market. Teach the masses to distinguish wild fungi, that is, "look at the growth zone, look at the color, look at the shape, look at the secretions, smell the smell, and do chemical identification." At the same time, patiently do a good job of explanation and persuade the masses not to eat wild mushrooms; the second is to distribute publicity materials to the street and surrounding business households to create an atmosphere where everyone knows about fasting wild mushrooms, and to prevent and prevent possible food safety accidents. Early detection, early control, timely reporting and proper handling, improve the ability of prevention and disposal, and ensure the safety of the people's diet.

in this publicity activity, the sub-bureau dispatched 8 law enforcement personnel, distributed more than 200 publicity materials, 1 publicity banner, and received more than 68 consultations from the masses. Through publicity and inspection, the wild bacteria were effectively prevented from flowing into the table and the people's ability to identify toxic wild bacteria and self-prevention awareness were improved. In the next step, our bureau will continue to increase the density of market inspections to prevent the occurrence of edible wild mushroom poisoning.

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