Highlight the key points and keep the bottom line. The Airport Market Supervision Bureau has made every effort to promote the "inspection and protection" special action to deepen and implement it.
Updated:2022-07-15 14:50
Source:Kunming Market Supervision Administration Airport Economic Zone Branch
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In order to conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the national food safety special action of "keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers, and ensuring safety", strictly prevent hidden food safety risks, and ensure the stability of the food safety situation throughout the whole year, since this year, the Airport Market Supervision Branch has combined with reality, Improve the mechanism, keep upright and innovate, take multiple measures simultaneously, and solidly promote the special action to deepen and implement it.

Go all out and firmly hold the bottom line of food safety. The Airport Market Supervision Branch attaches great importance to food safety work. In accordance with the requirements of the provinces and cities, the People pay attention to hot issues, increase investigation and rectification efforts, strictly investigate key varieties, key areas, key units, key links, and key issues, and combine the actual situation of the Airport Economic Zone. Formulate and issue a special action work plan for "keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers, and ensuring safety" in the Airport Economic Zone, establish a special action leading group, and hold regular food safety situation analysis meetings, carry out special research and analysis on the special work of "guarding and protecting. Strengthen the supervision of high-risk catering units, and carry out food safety knowledge training for school canteens and construction site canteens.

Take multiple measures to investigate potential food safety risks. Adhere to problem-oriented, risk-oriented, result-oriented, keep a close eye on food poisoning prevention and control tasks, and strictly adhere to the bottom line of food safety. Joint education bureau and other departments to carry out full coverage inspection of school canteens, 14 private kindergartens to carry out secondary risk investigation; more than 80 food production enterprises to carry out classification supervision, household inspection, investigation of hidden risks; construction site canteens to carry out two rounds of full coverage inspection, supervision and sampling of 60 batches. Sampling 225 batches of high-risk food and seasonal food, and timely verification and disposal of unqualified food. As of July 10, a total of 1856 food production and operation enterprises in the jurisdiction had been investigated for hidden dangers. 132 enterprises with risky problems were found, 106 were disposed of, 92 were investigated and punished, and the amount of fines was 652,000 yuan.

Make more efforts to ensure the food safety of the people. Focusing on the theme of the second phase of "100-day Action for Food Poisoning Prevention and Control", taking the opportunity of creating a national food safety demonstration city, we will increase publicity on food poisoning prevention and control and continuously improve people's food safety satisfaction. Actively coordinate all member units and communities of the Food Safety Commission to expand food poisoning publicity channels, actively forward early warning notices of food poisoning such as wild bacteria, fresh day lily and wild vegetables, distribute and paste more than 800 food poisoning prevention and control posters and folds, forward food poisoning prevention and control publicity materials through the Internet, media, LED screens, enterprise WeChat groups, community WeChat groups, etc., and jointly carry out publicity activities for prevention and control of wild bacteria food poisoning, strive to promote the entry of villages and households, and continuously improve the food safety awareness of the people in the jurisdiction.

In the next step, the Airport Market Supervision Branch will continue to promote the special action of "guarding inspections and guarantees", increase the investigation of hidden food safety risks and the publicity of food poisoning prevention and control, ensure that the action is effective, and effectively protect the safety of the people in the jurisdiction. Take practical actions to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party.

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