The first "Song Shi Feng Hua Dream Pursuing Cultural Festival" traditional intangible cultural activities in the airport economic zone
Updated:2022-07-13 16:26
Source:Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Kunming Airport Economic Zone, Yunnan Province
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In order to thoroughly implement the arrangement and deployment of the Party Working Committee and the Administrative Committee for the seven major actions to create a good business environment and improve the quality of urban civilization in 2022, on July 11, 2022, in the internal gymnasium of Changshui Airport Hotel, the Airport Economic Zone Management Committee sponsored and hosted by the Airport Economic Zone Sports and Tourism Bureau, the first "Elegant World Heritage Culture Festival" traditional intangible cultural activities.

comrade Guan Guangmao, deputy secretary of the Management Committee of the Airport Economic Zone of, and Comrade Jin Xiong, deputy director of the Airport Economic Zone, made relevant introductions, emphasizing the cultural self-confidence of the Airport Economic Zone, and using cultural heritage as the connotation to continuously enhance the people's sense of acquisition for cultural life needs. The sense of happiness and satisfaction aims to focus on presenting the fruitful results of my country's intangible cultural protection and inheritance since the 18th National Congress. At the event site, the cultural festival set up a main stage, non-heritage cultural interpretation station, non-heritage cultural handicraft workshop, non-heritage cultural game hall and other areas, and invited non-heritage inheritors such as flower wrapping production and bamboo weaving to make and display non-heritage works on the spot, teaching residents in the jurisdiction to know and experience non-heritage. Shadow play -Wu Song fighting tiger let the people watching in-depth understanding of the charm of traditional culture, leather wallet, tie dye, figure three-dimensional painting, oil paper umbrella, kneading man, bamboo whip making and other 14 intangible cultural manual experience let the people who came to visit to get a great sense of intangible cultural satisfaction, throwing pots, copper coins and other traditional cultural games have added to the fun of this activity.

Next, our bureau will be committed to organizing more and better cultural activities, improving the cultural quality of residents in the jurisdiction, building a civilized and fresh airport economic zone, and helping Kunming to build the most competitive national cultural and creative capital in western China. Power.

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