Airport Market Supervision Branch held an interview meeting for civil gas filling units within its jurisdiction.
Updated:2022-07-13 15:21
Source:Kunming Market Supervision Administration Airport Economic Zone Branch
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In order to further promote the investigation of potential gas safety hazards in the jurisdiction, continuously improve the gas safety level in the field of market supervision, and take resolutely preventing and curbing the gas safety accidents at the user end as the goal, on July 11, the airport market supervision sub-bureau interviewed two civil gas filling units in the jurisdiction.

the meeting learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on preventing gas safety risks, conveyed and learned the spirit of the relevant documents of the Kunming Municipal Market Supervision Bureau on gas safety investigation and rectification, and arranged the deployment of gas safety investigation and rectification and gas cylinder quality and safety traceability construction.

Meeting requirements: First, all units are prohibited from filling gas cylinders with non-own property rights; Second, the gas cylinder must be entered into the gas cylinder quality and safety traceability system when filling, and filling without permission is prohibited by scanning the code of the code gun. The third is to standardize the gas supply requirements of the gas supply outlets. When supplying gas, check whether the hose is aging and replace it immediately if it is aging. In case of using a stove without flameout protection device, stop supplying gas to it. Fourth, the gas filling unit actively connects with the management personnel of the gas cylinder quality and safety traceability system to deal with problems found in a timely manner. After the meeting, the Airport Market Supervision Branch signed a "Safety Responsibility Letter" with two civil gas filling units.

The meeting stressed that all units should strengthen the awareness of safety red line, deeply learn the lessons of gas accidents, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, and implement the safety management system for filling special equipment and gas cylinders. The gas cylinder safety traceability information system should be fully used, and the data should be uploaded to the system in a timely manner. It is strictly prohibited to fill scrapped gas cylinders, overdue gas cylinders, unqualified gas cylinders and gas cylinders not registered in the unit. The Airport Market Supervision Branch will increase law enforcement inspections and penalties, implement "zero tolerance" for various illegal filling behaviors discovered during inspections, and strictly investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law.

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