Airport Economic Zone Held Food Safety Risk Analysis and Food Safety Training Meeting on Construction Sites
Updated:2022-07-13 15:17
Source:Kunming Market Supervision Administration Airport Economic Zone Branch
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In order to further strengthen the safety of food and catering at construction sites in the airport economic zone , effectively implement the main responsibility for food safety in the canteen on the construction site, improve the awareness of the canteen operators on the construction site to abide by the law and operate in good faith, and effectively eliminate food safety hazards. On July 12, the airport economic zone held a construction site food safety risk analysis and food safety training meeting. More than 50 persons in charge of food safety management at construction sites in the airport economic zone, relevant persons in charge of the airport housing and construction bureau , and relevant staff participated in the meeting.

The meeting reported the results and recent supervision and inspection of the construction site canteen special sampling 11 problems in 2022, and required all units to carry out self-inspection and self-examination against the problems and rectify them one by one. Subsequently, Kong Jing, deputy director of the Airport Market Supervision Branch, arranged and arranged for further food safety work, requiring all units to resolutely implement the main responsibility of food safety, put food safety in a prominent position, and make food safety work more accurate and more accurate. Solid and more standardized, and strictly prevent food poisoning incidents. The person in charge of the Airport Housing and Construction Bureau made arrangements for the recent work, and once again emphasized that the canteens of each construction site shall not purchase, process, or eat wild mushrooms, and shall not process and use poisoning-prone food.

at the end of the, the staff of the Airport Market Supervision Branch trained the participants on the food safety knowledge of the construction site canteen, from the analysis of the food safety incidents that have occurred in Kunming since the 2022 years, and analyzed the relevant food safety laws and regulations of the construction site canteen. Explain in detail the knowledge of food poisoning prevention and control and the procedures and content of food safety incident reports, and analyze common illegal behaviors. Participants listened carefully and concentrated on recording the training points. They all said that the training was very timely, which solved the long-term doubts about the food safety management of the construction site canteen, and played an important role in effectively improving the food safety management level of construction site employees.

, through this meeting, the person in charge of food safety management in the canteen of the construction site has mastered the relevant laws and regulations on food safety, deeply grasped the key points and requirements of food safety work, and effectively improved the ability of food safety risk prevention in the canteen of the construction site. All participating units will put forward rectification measures for the reported problems, implement reforms, continuously improve the level of food safety management, strive to enhance the food safety awareness and self-protection awareness of construction site workers, and create a good social atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to, supports and participates in food safety.

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