Social undertakings
Updated:2021-12-12 23:27
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there are 42 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the jurisdiction. Among them, there are 12 public schools (1 complete middle school, 3 junior high schools, 8 primary schools and 1 kindergarten), 30 private schools (22 kindergartens, 3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools), 1646 teaching staff and 17601 students, including 3711 kindergartens, 7973 primary schools, 5343 junior high schools and 4285 Senior high school schools.

[Medical and Health]

there are 98 medical institutions under the jurisdiction that have been approved and issued by the health administrative department. Among them, Dabanqiao Central Health Center is a first-class and first-class public medical institution, which can meet the basic medical security needs of residents in the jurisdiction. It has functional departments such as radiation, inspection, and B- ultrasound, 30 inpatient beds, and 90 medical personnel with various technical titles. A total of 97705 visits will be received in 202020.


in 2020, the jurisdiction will provide 3605 effective jobs, 3333 new urban jobs will be completed, the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns will be controlled within 3%, 723 urban laid-off and unemployed people will be reemployed, 709 people will be employed for employment difficulties, 32 people will be employed for flexible employment, and 885 employment and entrepreneurship certificates will be applied.

[Social Security]

as of 2020, there are 1 social security office and 5 social security stations in the jurisdiction. Each community is equipped with 1 pension insurance administrator, 1 employment information officer and 1 social security platform staff. A social security system covering urban and rural areas has been gradually established as a whole. 34361 people have paid (renewal fees) for basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, 12012 people have participated in and paid for basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents, and 13776 people have been certified for survival of basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents.

[Sports Tourism]

there are 1 street cultural room, 20 community cultural rooms, 20 farmhouse bookstores, and 59 registered art teams. There are 44 cultural relics in the jurisdiction, including 2 municipal cultural relics protection units, 3 district cultural relics protection units, 5 registered immovable cultural relics, and 34 registered cultural relics.

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